Rick Wong

Hi! I’m Rick, senior product engineer and product manager based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. I architect systems, write code, and lead teams while building digital products.

As a product builder I want to make customers and shareholders happy with scalable software and thoughtful product management. Nothing makes me happier than building the right products, that deliver and delight. Contact me for backend (PHP/Node) and frontend (React/+Native) projects.

Currently I am available for contract work.





Apache, Bash, C, C++, Chef, CoffeeScript, Continuous integration, CSS, Docker, ElasticSearch, Express, Functional programming, Git, HTML, Integration testing, JavaScript, Jenkins, jQuery, Laravel, Linux, Mercurial, MongoDB, MySQL, Next, Nginx, OOP, PHP, RabbitMQ, React, Redis, SOLID principles, Unit testing, Vagrant


Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Kano, KPIs, Tactical boards, User Journey, Data-informed, Design thinking, Design sprints, Product discovery, Product ownership, Product management, MoSCoW, Opportunity trees, NPS, Feature buckets, OKRs, A/B testing, User testing, Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Sketch, Photoshop, InVision


Remco Boer — Director, Mollie

“At Mollie, I worked together with Rick for 3 years, where he first held the role of product-minded developer and then as tech-driven product manager. Rick has a calm and thoughtful demeanour and exhibits great pragmatism and dedication in getting stuff done. The things Rick says generally make a lot of sense and once he tackles an issue you can rest assured that he’ll find an effective solution. His skill-set and attitude make him well suited for any number of roles in a technology driven company and I’d be more than happy to work with him again.”

Jelle Kaat — Head of Product, Swapfiets

“As Rick's manager we worked together as teammates and friends. He is supportive, reliable, eager to learn and adopts new things very quickly. He can break down complex products into smaller iterations and has the user top of mind. Rick's technical skills are impressive and he has a great vision for design. Combine that with a great storytelling gift, ability to follow a vision and work together, Rick is a Product Manager every development team would want to work together with.”

Hoang Pham — Head of Growth, Mollie

“Rick is one of the people that understands how to build things right AND also how to build the right things. He is Product and Tech. He started out as a developer and is one of the best developers I know, but has also moved towards product. He’s the one that embodies understanding the customer’s point of view and also being able to translate that to how the product should perform. And how he does this? Rick starts by asking the right questions. He develops by inspiring his colleagues and he succeeds by executing on his visions. I always tell him he could be the one man band that could research, build and market any new solution that solves real problems.”

Huub Gelissen — Copywriter, Mollie

“I’ve had Rick as a product manager/team lead for close to a year. Over this period, I’ve found Rick to be an extremely capable PM. He has an analytical mind combined with a meticulous attention to detail, which makes his feedback on every aspect of a project extremely valuable. His feedback helped me become a better writer by pointing out structural and tonal inconsistencies I had fallen blind to. He knows how to direct both projects and meetings, knowing when to say no, when to say let’s move this meeting along, and, most importantly, when to say hell yes. He thinks big and inspires others to do the same. He’s also an extremely friendly guy, who served as a confidant when my personal life got rough. It has been a pleasure having Rick as a manager, a colleague, and a friend. If you're ready to create and ship amazing products, Rick's unbridled passion will be one of your greatest assets.”

Gavin Esajas — Product Manager, Mollie

“If there's one person who knows everything about each individual product over at Mollie, it's Rick. It could be because he's been with the company since its inception and helped build the product portfolio from the ground up, it could be because breaking technical stuff into little pieces is second nature to him. Nevertheless, I don't think you'll find anyone who knows how to deconstruct a product like him. Did I mention he also has a great design sense?”